Konstantin Kondratiouk

CEO at iTraining.ru and certified trainer of Carnegie Mellon University in "Requirements management" and "Risk management", MBA "Finace and Banking".

Teaching experience:

1993-1994 - Research Assistant at Computer Science Department in Byelorussian State University of Computer Science and Electronics. Konstantin taught object-oriented programming and CAD systems via lectures, practical lessons and seminars. At the same time he took active part in joint research projects with Kassel University, Germany in domain of usage computer technologies for education.

1998 - Konstantin was involved in scientific research, publications, software tools implementation based on dynamically re-configurable FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in Aveiro University, Portugal (under common supervision of Prof. Dr. Valery Sklyarov).

2003 - master-class creation "Successful career at the modern IT company" for students and young specialists.


1988-1993 Byelorussian State University of Computer Science and Electronics, Minsk, Belarus, Master of Computer Science.

1994–1996 Minsk State Linguistic University, School of Continuing Education, Minsk, Belarus, English Language.

2002–2004 Minsk State Linguistic University, School of Continuing Education, Minsk, Belarus, German Language.

2007-2009 - Higher School of Economics (State University), Moscow, Russian Federation, MBA “Finance and Banking”.

Professional experience:

Konstantin has got 24 years experience in IT industry, 14 of them he keeps different executives positions mainly for corporate customers in financial and insurance domains. From April 2007 till March 2009 Konstantin Kondratiouk managed the department of business applications development at Renaissance Capital investment group, where he created and developed outsourced development center (150 FTE). From March 2005 till February 2007 being Vice President at Deutsche Bank in Moscow, Konstantin managed the development of European and Asian Warrants Trading System. At SaM-Solutions (offshore software development company) his career path was from Software Developer till CTO during five years; Konstantin created from the scratch and grew the outsourcing department with 50 people at the end with effective usage of modern patterns and technologies (RUP, XP, Agile).


Risk Management, Project Estimation, Leadership and Teamwork, Carnegie Mellon University, Minsk-Moscow, 2005-2006.

Effective Meetings, Stress Management, Time Manager International, Moscow, 2006.

Leadership for Vice Presidents, Deutsche Bank, London 2006.

Developing and managing a successful technology and product strategy, MIT Sloan School of Management, 2008.

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